What we sell

Home Baking
Choose from a variety of whole cakes, tarts, breads, bracks and so on or sample a selection on the loose counter. You will be spoiled for choice!
Do you have an allergy? Ask the producer what is in it or read the ingredients label – we will always keep you as informed as possible.
Home Baking


Quiches, chicken pies, steak and kidney pie, lasagne, vegetarian options, fish pie, soups and potato cakes are just some of the range found during the year in this counter – again, the producer who made your dinner is right here in the market and can answer any specific question you have about it. All of these are fresh and suitable for home freezing.

All special occasions can be catered for at Kilternan Country Market – we have some outstanding bakers here. From the most intricate gingerbread houses that you have ever seen to top-class wedding cakes and everything in between. Drop into the market this Saturday and have a chat to the ladies who can create what you are looking for.

Kilternan Country Market is part of the Country Markets Ltd group www.countrymarkets.ie. And we are regularly checked by the HSE both at the market premises and individual kitchens.

Plants and Flowers
Healthy, vigorous, thriving, rare, not-so-rare plants and flowers are all on offer – choose from a bunch of cut flowers to cabbage or shrubs. The extensive knowledge of gardeners with years of experience and a wealth of information is available at no extra charge!
Plants & Flowers

Jams, Chutneys and Relishes
Drawing from a number of different producers the quality of our jams far exceeds mass-produced versions. We sell more than five different flavours of marmalade and everything from no peel to thin cut and thick cut. Gooseberry, tayberry, raspberry, strawberry, loganberry, damson, blackcurrant, blackberry, rhubarb and redcurrant are just some of the extensive range of jams we stock not to mention lemon curd, chutneys and relishes.
Jams, Chutneys & Relishes

Fruit and Vegetables
All vegetables and fruit are locally grown and many are only picked or dug the day before or the morning of the market. From farm to table is only a step away – almost no carbon footprint here. Depending on the season you may choose from carrots, potatoes, celery, swiss chard, broccoli, beans, turnips, blackberries, apples, currants and many many more.

Chicken and Eggs
Chickens are organically produced to the highest certified standards. Try one of these and you will remember what chicken “used to taste like.” Eggs are all locally produced free range eggs.

Order Department
Any of the market’s produce may be ordered and collected on the morning of the market. Sometimes our products are so highly sought after that they are snapped up within minutes of the market opening but to be sure of getting that brown bread or fresh lettuce just order them the week before the market or give the market a phone call during the week on 087 136 8393. Please leave a message if you can’t get through – it will always be listened to before Saturday.

We have a number of different crafters in our midst including woodturning, knitted items, patchwork goods, jewellery, handmade cards and other seasonal crafts. All perfect for presents and gifts.

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